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Drama / Sci-Fi / TV Series  (2011)  500 minutes ~ Color

In the 22nd century, war was waged with mechanized warriors. Man had finally found a way to make war with minimal loss of human life. It was a good concept until the machines united and turned their fury on their creators. It is the year 2148 – the Metalwars have ended – machines battled man, and the machines won. Out of the ashes of defeat came Jonathan Power, humanity’s last hope of defeating the Bio-Dread warriors led by the evil Lord Dread.

“Captain Power” originally aired in 1987-1988 on Canadian and American syndicated television. Includes all 22 episodes from the original cult classic series.

Writers:  Gary Goddard, J. Michael Straczynski

Stars:  Tim Dunigan, Sven-Ole Thorsen, Jessica Steen, David Hemblen


Drama, Family, TV Series