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Action / Drama (1937) 61 minutes ~ Black & White

When William Reardon, a steel magnate, dies and leaves a strange will. When his spineless and dandified heir and son returns home from living in Paris, he finds “Tons’ Walker, a strong and burly steel worker running the company, per his late-father’s will request. He also finds that his father’s will specifies the Junior will change his name to Bill Hall and work in the family steel mill for a year under the fake name. Walker’s job is to make a man out of the son. The son is not overjoyed by this prospect. Neither is Walker.

Director: William Nigh

Writers: Morgan Cox (story), Owen Francis (story), Dorrell McGowan (screenplay), Stuart E. McGowan (screenplay)

Stars: Grant Withers, Beatrice Roberts, Ranny Weeks


Action, Drama