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Drama / Foreign (1960) 96 minutes [Japanese with English subtitles] ~ Color



 The notorious Japanese writer, Yukio Mishima, who committed suicide in 1970, stars in Yasuko Masumura’s cult yakuza film, AFRAID TO DIE. Mishima plays Takeo, a youthful yakuza who turns back to his criminal ways after leaving prison. Embroiled in the business of assassinations, revenge, and violence, Takeo finds struggling to keep alive for the love of his family and girlfriend Yoshie. One of the great films of the Japanese New Wave, AFRAID TO DIE is a frenetic, visually stunning satire.

Director: Yasuzo Masumura

Writers: Hideo Ando, Ryûzô Kikushima

Stars: Yukio Mishima, Ayako Wakao, Keizô Kawasaki


Drama, Foreign