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Drama (1967) 61 minutes ~ Black & White

Mr. Cabot, an East Coast millionaire, is forced down in Las Vegas by bad weather while flying his private jet. A man of conservative tastes, he avoids the many gaming casinos and wild bars. The only room available in his favorite motel is a plush suite with its own private swimming pool. He feels uncomfortable alone in such luxury, and he tries to convince his wife to join him for a second honeymoon. Occupied with a garden club exhibit, she refuses. Lonely and disappointed, he meets Sue, an 18-year-old nymphomaniac who has come to Las Vegas to find excitement. They make the round of nightclubs, and also of hotel rooms. Together they bathe nude in the private swimming pool, and take part in an orgy.

Director: Barry Mahon

Writers: Barry Mahon

Stars: John Beck, Susan Evans, Gretchen Rudolph